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We provide a 10-year workmanship and roof penetration guarantee on all systems installed.


When you have a system installed that includes monitoring (in most cases this is a free service), Peak View Solar provides you with a 10-year Production Performance Guarantee. This is for your piece of mind that the system we install will perform like we say it will for those 10 years. This guarantee is pretty simple. If the last year's performance does not match our guarantee, we will either pay you the cost for the underperformance based on your utility bill and cost or we will upgrade your system to exceed the performance guarantee.


Today's solar equipment have long term warranties associated with their products. Testing has proven these warranty periods and many manufacturers have 30+ years in the business to back those warranties. Solar modules come with a 25 year linear performance guarantee. They also provide 10 to 25 years workmanship on the panels, depending upon the manufacturer.