Brodhagen Family

Peak View Solar is a family owned business operated by Phil and Nancy Brodhagen. In addition to Phil, his two sons, Matt and Doug, are involved in 100% of every system installation and they will be onsite for every step of the process, every inspection and by your side once the system is up and running.

Phil Brodhagen


Phil started El Paso Green Energies in June 2009 and has been in the solar industry for 10+ years. In 2014, El Paso Green Energies changed their name to Peak View Solar. He is a Licensed Solar Installer with both NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) PV (Photovoltaic, also known as Solar Electric Systems) Installers Certification and the NABCEP Sales Technician Certification, the highest PV certifications attainable. Peak View Solar specializes in PV, renewable energy design and installation.

Nancy Brodhagen


Nancy has lived in the Colorado Springs area for 10 years. Since inspection, her involvement was part time but has been working full time for the past 8 months. A woman with many hats, Nancy’s daily tasks range from scheduling, communicating with customers and creating proposals.  Being CPA Certified, Nancy manages the accounting side of the business. Nancy believes solar is important for our environment, as well as a good mix of energy systems makes sense. Her time with Peak View Solar has been a blessing; Nancy enjoys working with her family to provide a valuable services to the public, all while providing a livelihood for many talented professionals.

Debbie Auten

Office Manager

Child #1.

Matt Brodhagen

Foreman / Residential Wireman

Child #2. Matt has worked for the family business for seven years. He works as a Foreman alongside his brother Doug and friend Erik. Matt isn’t afraid to work hard – a day on the job includes early mornings and hot weather. He believes solar is important because it not only saves money, it saves the world. Matt’s competitive spirit thrives in keeping electric companies on their toes. He’s ready to take the NABCEP Certification.

Doug Brodhagen


Child # 3. Doug has worked with the family business for seven years. He works as a Foreman alongside his brother Matt and friend Erik. Doug enjoys every day on the job, planning ahead, leading a team and installing systems for clients. He’s seen the company grow out of the garage and feels lucky to have been a part of it. “Solar is great for the environment and great for your wallet. The industry keeps growing and so will we.” Doug is a certified NABCEP installer.

Eric Rimpley


Erik has been with Peak View Solar for two years. He works as a Foreman alongside his friends, Matt and Doug. Erik recognizes the importance of trust, counting on each team member to do their part. He prioritizes efficiency on the job, ensuring that each system is installed and running as quickly as possible. Erik has completed his OSHA 10-Hour Certification. “It has been a pleasure working with the Brodhagens. They care about solar and want to make it accessible for everyone.”

Don Keller

Master Electrician

Don has worked in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area for the past 40 years. He has been a part of the Peak View Solar team for 3 months. Having a Colorado Master Electrician License, Don’s typical day is working on electrical services. Don appreciates solar and thinks it is important in helping to reduce consumption of fossil fuels for electricity consumption. Don enjoys working in a friendly, professional environment at Peak View Solar.

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