Does your home feel drafty? Is your furnace or air conditioning constantly on? Do you know what your attic insulation looks like? Does your energy bill seem high?

We can help answer these questions! Peak View Solar has BPI energy raters, BPI building analyst professionals, and BPI Infiltration and duct leakage experts. We can make sure you know your house and its performance inside and out. 


A certified auditor will come to your house to assess your home's condition. They will look at all components of your building envelope from your insulation, heating and cooling to windows and ventilation. They will perform multiple tests including a blower door (optional), duct leakage, infrared heat test, and combustion appliance safety test. We also include a Home Energy Score provided by the Department of Energy.

Blower Door – Used to find the air leaks in your home. The more air that leaves through leaks takes valuable heat with it or it lets warmth enter!

Duct Leakage – Analysis of the ducts in your house. Same concept as a blower door to analyze losses and pinpoint leaks inside your ducts only.

Infrared Heat Test – Using an infrared camera we can identify trouble areas in your home. We can visualize where these losses are and plan for specific ways to fix them.

Combustion Appliance Safety – All of your appliances that use combustion (i.e. furnace, water heater, stovetop) output unsafe carbon monoxide. We test these appliances in worst case to make sure all CO is being properly vented out of the house.

What to Expect during the Audit:

A whole Home Comfort Audit can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete. We will ask questions about you, your home and your concerns. We will be analyzing every part of your house. The blower door test is the most intrusive; we will be turning your A/C and/or furnace and your water heater off. We will use your front door to blow air out of your house to find the leaks. We want to see the rooms you think are trouble areas to analyze with the infrared camera.

What to Expect after the Audit:

We will present you with a report of all the data we collected, along with all recommendations and costs. The report will have all recommendations prioritized so it’s easy for you to pick more cost-effective fixes or upgrades.

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A certified auditor will come to your house to assess your electrical usage. We use Brultech tools to monitor the consumption of each individual part of your house. Continual monitoring for a length of time is crucial so we can see all loads your house has and how much they are contributing to your bill. We can monitor for a week to see a snapshot of your usage or over the course of a month to gain a more comprehensive look.

What to Expect during the Audit:

We will need two days, one day to set-up and one day to tear down. The first day we will be installing all the monitors in your main electrical power. This requires us to turn off all breakers in that panel. But don’t worry! This only takes 1-2 hours. Tear down can take as little as 30 minutes, but also requires turning off power. We leave our monitoring equipment on site next to your main panel.

What to Expect after the Audit:

We will present you with a report of all the data we collected will all recommendations and costs. The report will have a breakdown of your usage over the monitoring time frame in an easy to read format. Once we know what is your main power user, we can try to eliminate or reduce them!

The Energy Consumption Audit is a one-time snapshot of your energy usage. To encourage you to be energy efficient year round, we can offer the installation of a permanent consumption monitor. This monitor permanently attaches to your electrical panel and provides continuous monitoring of your consumption.
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