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Energy Audits

Does your home feel drafty? Is your furnace or air conditioning constantly on? Do you know what your attic insulation looks like? Does your energy bill seem high?

We can help answer these questions! Peak View Solar has BPI energy raters, BPI building analyst professionals, and BPI Infiltration and duct leakage experts. We can make sure you know your house and its performance inside and out. 

Home Comfort Audit

Blower door – Used to find air leaks inside your home. Find key spots that should be sealed and increase your home’s capability to hold heat in or out.

Duct Leakage – Similar to the blower door, the duck leakage will assess your vents within your house. It will identify leaks and losses in the ducts, lowering efficiency.

Infrared Heat Test – Using an infrared camera we can identify trouble areas in your house. Walls with not enough insulation, or cold corners in your home. We can identify them.

Combustion Appliance Safety – All of your gas appliances are safe from carbon monoxide. We test these appliances in worst case conditions to ensure proper venting of these gases to keep your family safe.

Home Energy Audits

To assess your home’s usage we can perform an energy audit. This will allow you to see what areas of your house consume the most power and provide suggestions on how to save some energy.

The Sense – The sense is a product that will be yours after we are done. We will attach it to your main electrical panel and it does the rest. It will identify your appliances and display the results on a handy App that you will have access to. This gives you live data, so you can see exactly what is on and when. The downside is that it can take several months for the sense to find all of your appliances and label them properly.

Professional Audit – Our technician will attach our equipment to your main electrical panel. This requires the power to be shut off on each circuit. But this setup only takes 1-2 hours. It immediately starts recording the data and we can pinpoint the circuits with the most energy usage. We can leave our equipment in your house for a week, for a snap shot, to a month for a full look into your bill. When it is complete, we will come retrieve our equipment and provide you with a full report on your usage and possible heavy energy users that you may want to fix or change.