Roof Solar Array installed by Peak View Solar

24 Hour System Reporting

We take great pride in monitoring our systems. As your home’s system is operating, any performance deviations that may occur are monitored at your residence or place of business, as well as the Peak View Solar offices. Our team will be able to recognize any performance-related issues and will contact you regarding how it may impact your solar system. In most cases, we can recognize and resolve these issues before the system owner ever knows there is a problem. This level of dedication helps provide the peace of mind our customers deserve.

Technical Support

In addition to monitoring systems, we also provide technical support on any solar system. Our trained and knowledgeable technical staff will work with you to find a solution to any problem you may have with your solar. We will process any warranty claims that may occur during the process for a hassle-free support process.

We didn’t install your system?

No problem!

We believe that every homeowner deserves to get the solar production they were promised, whether we installed the system or not! We can help verify that your system is producing up to manufacturer standards and make recommendations or changes accordingly.

Support Services

  • Monitoring Assistance (Troubleshooting, Transfer System Ownership)
  • Solar Production Analysis
  • Part Replacements
  • Warranty Claims

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