Thank you for reaching out to us at Peak View Solar. Unfortunately, after 13 years we have had to close our doors. We want to thank all of our customers, suppliers and peers that have allowed us the opportunity to serve the community.

Below are some resources should you have questions regarding your system.

Warranties – The manufacturer warranties on your solar equipment and panels come directly from the manufacturer. You should have received this information in your welcome packet.

Monitoring – Both SolarEdge and Enphase have made it much easier for the homeowner to reach out directly and ask questions about their system. You can use the chat features through your monitoring app, website or reach out by phone:

SolarEdge - or (510) 498-3200

Enphase - or (877) 797-4743

They will also be able to direct you to a local, qualified installer should your situation require it.

Again, thank you for your support throughout the years.